Monday, October 22, 2012

Lester's Dreadful Sweaters

by K.G. Campbell
Kids Can Press | 2012

Lester is an anxious little kid, and when Cousin Clara's house is consumed by a crocodile, she comes to stay with Lester's family. She makes Lester a sweater, and it's just dreadful. His parents make him wear it to school anyway. So Lester finds a way to "accidentally" destroy it.

But Cousin Clara keeps making new sweaters and each is more ghastly or repulsive or alarming or terrible. Finally, at Enid Measles's party, he meets a group of people who just love Cousin Clara's sweaters. And they and Clara live happily ever after.

This curiously weird book is a treat. The pencil crayon artwork is pleasing and the story begins in the illustrations on the half title page and title page. The sweaters are ridiculous and Lester wearing them is even more ridiculous--young readers will likely chuckle at the images.

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