Friday, December 14, 2012

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

The cover I have
written and illustrated by Robert Barry
McGraw Hill | 1963 (most recent re-issue, 2000)
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"Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree came by special delivery."

And so begins my absolute, hands-down, favorite Christmas story ever. For close to forty years, my family's copy has been pulled out, displayed, and read over and over again at Christmas.

The 2000 cover
The cyclical story traces one Christmas tree, which is a bit too tall for Mr. Willowby's ginormous house. When the top is lobbed off and discarded, someone else takes it home, only to find that it is just a bit too tall for her house, so she also lobs off the top and discards it . . . you get the picture. In the end, the very tippy-top of the tree ends up back in Mr. Willowby's house -- get this fantastic story and you'll find out how.

Your kids will beg you to read it again and again and you just might find, after they've gone to bed and the house is quiet, that you pull it out one more time for a re-read all on your own. It's that lovely.

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  1. Granddaughters now have their own copy. So excited to pass on the gift of sharing. It also teaches that one should not be wastefu; a lesson that their Nana still needs to work on.