Monday, January 14, 2013

Look! A Book and Look! Another Book!

written and illustrated by Bob Staake
Little, Brown | 2011 and 2012
(Another Book! reviewed from galleys)
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These lively and interesting search-and-find books are reminiscent of Richard Scarry's Busy Town books. There's a lot to see and talk about, and the die-cuts and prompts carry little readers through the pages.

Glorious endpapers with blocks of color and huge abstract eyes invite the reader in, and the large trim size means the book can be spread out on the floor with lots of kids all looking together to find silly things on each spread. Kids could tell their own stories about what has happened (or will happen) in any small area of any spread, for added fun and imagining. The rhyming text is fun, as well.

These are the perfect choice for a kid's birthday gift. Any age, really, from a first birthday right on up to an 8-year-old.

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