Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pickle & Penguin

by Lawrence David
illustrated by Scott Nash
Dutton | Oct 21, 2004

Pickle is a big deal. He lives in New York City, has his own TV show, and travels to exciting places. This is all because he is "the only talking pickle in the world." He gets a little lonely sometimes. While on a trip to Antarctica, he meets a friendly Penguin who is astounded that Pickle speaks Penguinese. (Of course he does; he also speaks English, Italian, French, Russian, and Kosher Dill.) Penguin decides to come back to NYC with Pickle and their friendship begins.

When Penguin gets lost in the city, Pickle does everything in his power to find his new friend. Penguin needs him; he doesn't speak the language, doesn't know the city, and is just a little penguin. The two are finally reunited, decide to live together in Pickle's giant apartment, and Penguin is assured that "if [he's] ever lost, [Pickle] will always find [him]."

The silly yet heartwarming story is accompanied by simple and delightful illustration. Pickle evokes a Dave Letterman-like quality while Penguin is just adorable. The Statue of Liberty's eyes follow Penguin's rescue. Full-bleed illustrations are coupled with spot art set in circles and squares, varying the design of the pages. The colors are bright, with Pickle's green and Penguin's black and white nicely balanced with bright oranges and blues.

Overall, an entirely weird concept that is entirely (if surprisingly) pleasing.

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