Wednesday, August 1, 2012


by Meg Cabot
Point/Scholastic | May 8, 2012

Pierce is back in this second novel of the Abandon series. (Having not read the first, I can say this one will stand alone with enough back story filled in to get most of the important pieces to enjoy it.) She's been taken by John, the lord of the Underworld, which happens to be under her small Florida town of Isla Huesos. The story is a loose re-telling of the myth of Persephone set in modern times. Pierce is in love with John, her grandmother is possessed by a fury, and Pierce and John must return to the real world to save her cousin Alex and foil the bad guys before they return to rule over the Underworld.

I know. It sounds insane. And it sort of is. But because it's Meg Cabot, it's well written and the storyline actually somehow seems plausible. The series will continue with the third book, Awaken.

For fantasy fans or mythology fans, this is the perfect choice. For a fresh look at an age-old tale of young love and the lengths young people will go to make unlikely relationships work, this is also a good choice. Enjoy it!

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