Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Snake Blake

by Randy Siegel
illustrated by Serge Bloch
Roaring Brook Press | June 19, 2012

This quirky tale of a boy who gets a snake named Blake as an early birthday present from his dad is fun and silly. Blake can twist his long snake body into letters and spell words. He can write, help with homework, cook, walk the dog, find the remote, and more. The boy sings the praises of having a snake for a pet, especially "Blake, who is the best snake, by far, in the whole wide world."

The unusual trim size (the book is 11.25 inches by 6.25 inches) and bright red cover make the book stand out on the shelf. The simple line drawings with spot color are excellent and match the quirkiness of the story perfectly. The boy and his father wear matching knitted sweaters and the snake-as-pet doubting mother is green in the face with fear and worry at the start. Lots of white space allows the story to unfold at a relaxed pace, as well.

Image from Serge Bloch's blog.
Many might look at this book and say, "Weird." And they'd be right. But it's a joyful type of weird. This is one to read to the kiddos and then leave on the coffee table for guests to peruse.

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