Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On My Way to the Bath

written by Sarah Maizes
illustrated by Michael Paraskevas
Walker Children's | May 22, 2012

Livi is being called to the bath by her mother, but she's too busy building a tinker toy statue on the couch to pay much attention. She declares, "Baths are boring. Everything is more fun than baths." As her mother gets increasingly  more annoyed, Livi finds distraction after distraction to avoid heeding her mother's call. Each of her hilarious (and adorable) ways to avoid the bath are accompanied by excellent drawings of this scraggly little girl who is always up to something. Eventually, as her mother begins counting to ten, Livi turns into jungle cat and pounces on her mother. And, as one could guess, once she's in the bath, she of course doesn't want to get out.

The simple story which any kid can relate to (those who avoid heading to the bath tub and those who jump right in) uses imagination to liven up the nightly battle parents and kids have around bath and bed time. Livi's little face lights up with expression to match each pretend situation she's in. Every page turn reveals a double page spread with Mom only appearing on two pages and the rest of the time represented with speech bubbles calling Livi.

A fantastic pre- or post-bath read aloud kids will love!

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