Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dead to You

by Lisa McMann
Simon Pulse, Simon & Schuster | February 7, 2012

Ethan has been gone for nine years. He was abducted from outside his family home when he was seven, right in front of his brother, Blake, who was only four at the time. He got right in a car with two men and nobody ever saw him again. Until now.

This story of how a family gets back a child who has been gone for more than half his life and how they work to reintegrate as a family unit works pretty well. The writing is good, and the story hangs together. Ethan's challenges with trying to remember things and Blake's struggles with the reappearance of his long lost brother seem authentic. Told in the first person by Ethan, the narration privileges his feelings, confusion, and thoughts. Information about how everyone else is feeling is second hand, which is logical enough - after all, it's he who has been missing all this time, he who was raised by his kidnapper, and he who has to figure out who he is now.

I am one of those readers who is surprised by everything - I never see the twist coming, and I didn't here. It's a good one, albeit a little bit too easy in how it happens. And the very end leaves me wanting more. Perhaps McMann is coming back with the sequel? I for one, would love that.

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