Saturday, May 19, 2012


by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Roaring Brook Press | March 27, 2012

Each page of Seeger's new picturebook offers the reader (or observer, really) a shade or type of the color of nature, the color of vegetables, the lush color of so much around us. Starting with "forest green" Seeger's rich multi-layered artwork invites a reader to explore the art. The rich green of the forest trees and leaves is offset by the brown forest floor carpet and a tiny bunny peeking out from behind a tree. When the page is turned, here the real treat becomes clear. The green leaves are die-cut in the page, and as it turns and those same die-cuts are placed atop the prior page, they become fish, swimming behind a turtle on the "sea green" scene!

Each page offers this magical surprise. The bubbles emitting from the turtle turn into spots on a lime rind, and the lime slice die-cut turns into the soup ladle on the "pea green" page. It's fun, clever, and perfectly executed. My favorite is the nail-shaped hole on the "faded green" page that, when turned, becomes the spotlight on the barn nearby kids chasing fireflies on a "glow green" spread.

The book offers rich art, unexpected surprises, and beautiful lush color. Seeger's First the Egg (Roaring Brook Press) won a Caldecott Honor Medal and a Theodor Suess Geisel Honor Award in 2008. I wouldn't be surprised if Green sported a seal of some sort this time next year.

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