Sunday, May 27, 2012

Small Bunny's Blue Blanket

written and illustrated by Tatyana Feeny
Knopf Books for Young Readers | June 12, 2012 pre-order now!

Small Bunny is a happy bunny who loves Blue Blanket. After Mommy decides both Small Bunny and Blue Blanket both need baths, Small Bunny struggles to recognize his precious Blue Blanket all clean and new. 

Feeney’s first foray as author/illustrator provides a poignant look at a child’s relationship with a special object and the fear and concern when that object’s perfection is threatened. Simple and clever artwork begins before the title page as Small Bunny quietly paints on an easel with Blue Blanket by his side and carries throughout the story in gorgeous lush blue tones with texture and fluidity. The words appear in the same textured blue and the placement of some echoes Small Bunny and Blue Blanket’s movements through their adventures. 

Humor at just the right moments helps to alleviate Small Bunny’s (and perhaps small readers’) anxiety as Mommy’s “Don’t worry…it will only take a minute” is followed on the next page with “It actually took 107,” with Small Bunny watching the washing machine minutes tick down on a tiled-art page. 

Rather than bemoan the newness of Blue Blanket, Small Bunny shows perseverance and “after plenty of swinging, painting, reading, and playing” all is well again. “Perfect,” actually.

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