Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yes, Yes, Yaul!

written and illustrated by Jef Czekaj
Disney Hyperion Books | May 8, 2012

This companion book to Hip & Hop, Don't Stop! (Disney Hyperion, 2010) brings Hip the Turtle and Hop the Rabbit back again. They are traveling around Oldskool County, Hip still rapping slowly (denoted by red words in the text) and Hop still rapping quickly (denoted with green words), during summer vacation. They visit Slowjamz Swamp, Breakbeat Meadow, Turntable Mountain, and Lake Boogaloo. The day they arrive in Sugar Hill Park, though, they meet Yaul, a "prickly porcupine" who says NO to everything. With a lot of work and a scratchy sweater, Hip and Hop get Yaul to finally say YES. An emphatic "Yes, Yes, Yaul!"

Filled with clever hip hop references (there are even more stuffed into the text than what's mentioned above), the cartoony book is pleasing to the eye and to the ear when read aloud. The text is supported by subtext raps such as "Go, Yaul, go./Do your dance./It looks like ants/are in your pants" meant to be read quickly or slowly.

Groan or laugh at the Moo-Tang Clan of rapping cows and at Kanye Pest the rapping rat. Either way, the book is a fun romp through language with a happy message intertwined.

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